The guard hefted his rifle...

...and shot the boy in the leg.

The following are excerpts from short stories. To view FREE full stories, head to the DeviantArt page.

From: A Good Morning, for a Change

"Sit back and enjoy the morning, Sunny." Dax laughed mechanically at his own joke and turned back to his cooking. Sonora, however, just crossed her arms and began to pout.

This was the same canned response the damned robot gave her every time she tried to peek at the world beyond her vision. It excited her at first as, when she didn't get the joke, she made the 'puter in her room tell her what the word 'sunny' meant. Images from thousands of cycles ago flashed across the screen, yellows and oranges blurring past her vision, even a full video of the sun, rising.

From: Samantos

"What kind of story do you want to hear, my child?" she asked of the child, cooing at him and tickling his stomach. The baby looked at her with vacant eyes, and then gurgled and a small bubble formed at the corner of his mouth, which popped with all the magnificence of a roach being squashed. "Lets make sure you grow up to do more amazing things than that!"

From: Chronicles of Denna

"I demand to know what's happening with the test subjects, immediately. If something happens to them our entire project could be derailed, we would have to start over again from scratch." She said, with the stiffest upper lip she could manage. Nothing would bother her more than being set back on her research, and she would gladly yell both of these two idiots into tomorrow, if it wasn't beholden of a scientist to act that way. Loko and Orton both knew the extent of Seerva's clout and rage; they were each the replacements of those who had come and gone before them. At her request they both stood and ushered themselves out the doorway, with her short, impatient footsteps right behind them.

The above are excerpts from short stories. To view FREE full stories, head to the DeviantArt page.


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