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Liora: Song of Alcia

Song of Alcia is the first episode of the Liora series. It follows the angels Kirei, Tsu-sama, and Yimiko as they complete missions for the Angelic Council. An escort mission goes awry and both Tsu-sama and the boy the angels are supposed to protect, are kidnapped. As Kirei and Yimiko search for the companion, they learn things they shouldn't, and uncover sinister plans in progress by the Angel's enemy, as well as the Angelic Council themselves.

The Liora project is currently on hiatus until further time or funding can be found. The first few pages can be found at the above link. Stories involving the Liora characters can be found on DeviantArt and inside the Fantasy with a Twist short story book.

Video Games

The Secret of Sedarra

The Secret of Sedarra is the video game originator of the stories involving Forza and Vira, Acenna and Cedyr, and their respective goddess protectors, Arrua and Doss. The characters come from four different backgrounds yet are drawn together by the goddesses. They plan to use a tournament to gain entry into Castle Sedarra, which is the supposed host of a horrible evil called The Corruption.

In the game, players join one of the four characters on the side-scrolling action adventure of a life time. They play along as their lives are swayed by the goddesses influence. All four stories converge on the tournament, which the player must win. They will then hopefully gain entrance to Castle Sedarra, find out its secrets, and put an end to the corruption.

The Secret of Sedarra is currently still in production using the Game Maker game engine. It is a collaboration between Colton Hornstein and Kassie Castle.

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