He had been created, and loved...

...He had hated his creator, and destroyed him.


Kirei Every good fictional story needs something weird. Something that twigs your brain and makes you think. If that something weird could only be accomplished by magic, like a cat who can grow as big as a house at will, that story would be called fantasy. If that something weird could be the doing of science, like a millenium of rain, that story would be called science fiction. If you set aside the exact method these stories use then you come to the core of the stories: at one level a desire for entertainment, and at a deeper level, a wish to explore the world as it isn't. This desire to imagine the weird is what makes us want to read fiction, and it's something I express in all of my stories.

Current Project: E-books

Colton has been working hard with peer-editors, artists, and other professionals to research e-book possibilities and complete a polished final product. After exploring all the options, he decided on lulu.com. His platform can be found here: Colton's Books. There are two books available now, "Cubed" and "Amfibians and Reptlies".

  • Cubed is the story of three very different girls who reunite after a school year apart, only to discover and frighten an alien species. The alien responds by radically transforming their bodies into different forms. When a government agent comes looking for the alien, whose side will they choose?
  • Amfibians and Reptlies is a collection of fictional short stories about aquatic animals that never existed. It includes stories about mermaids, dragons, and eocaecilia. All the stories are short, intended to be read in one sitting!

Current Project: Fantasy with a Twist

Fantasy with a Twist is Colton's forthcoming short story collection. Its stories range from the inexplicable to the thought-provoking, and includes everything from horror stories to bedtime stories. Inside you'll find worlds where:

  • Rain has poured across the world for a thousand years
  • A number displaying a vital statistic is permanently displayed above your head
  • A semi-accurate gene is discovered that can detect murderers
  • The last human being on Earth creates a new friend

Other Projects

If you've already enjoyed Fantasy with a Twist and are hungry for more, or want to discover what other adventures lie in wait, head over to the web comic Liora: Song of Alcia.

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