The rosy scent of her perfume flooded his senses....

...Her lips touched his.


Cubed Cover From the description page on Three very different girls reunite after a school year apart, only to discover and frighten an alien species. The alien responds by radically transforming their bodies into different forms. When a government agent comes looking for the alien, whose side will they choose?

Cubed is a 12-page short story that plays on the idea of girls with transformational powers, such as the Sailor Moon series. These girls, however, have no control over their power. It is forced upon them by a scared alien species. With lots of humor and cheeky movie-references, Cubed is a wonderful short story, available on for FREE!

Amfibians and Reptlies

Fibs and Lies Cover From the description page on Amfibians and Reptlies is a collection of fictional short stories about aquatic animals that never existed. It includes stories about mermaids, dragons, and eocaecilia. All the stories are short, intended to be read in one sitting!

Amfibians and Reptlies is a collection of 8 short stories that revolve around the ideas of aquatic creatures, both real and mostly imaginary. Despite the humorous title, these stories share a theme of excitement and danger. For the most part, these animals are not at the top of their food chain, and their position is obvious. When they are at the top of their food chain, that places human beings lower down; and you know what that means. Ambfibians and Reptlies is available on, and all its stories could be yours for just one dollar.

Fantasy with a Twist the work-in-process name of Colton's premier short story collection. It is currently being funded in part through support from the RocketHub page. For those of you unfamiliar with RocketHub, it is the Canadian version of Kickstarter. For as little as $1 you can have a say in some part of the making of the book.

As for the book itself, it is a collection of science-fiction and fantasy short stories, from 1000 to upwards of 5000 pages per story. They are intended to be read on-the-go, while waiting for a bus, or to read instead of watching the information before a theatre movie. The theme of the book is knowledge: what we know, what we don't, and what we think we do. Throughout the book, there is one longer story, The Secret of Sedarra. It is split into pieces based on who is the main character at the time. The pieces are then threaded in between other short stories, to whet your appetite. The other stories include possibilities for the future of technology or the magic that we have long forgotten.

Some RocketHub Rewards

  • $1 - Name an object/place in the book
  • $15 - A personal story based on your idea
  • $50 - A signed copy of the book, with an inscription of your choice

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