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Colton Hornstein is...

Picture of Colton author of the e-book "Cubed" and the upcoming short story collection "Fantasy with a Twist". He was born in British Columbia, Canada. He is also winner of the 2007 Highland Secondary School Creative Writing Award. He enjoys media in all its forms, including short stories, novels, movies, animated shorts, webcomics and video games. He writes for competitions, including those for colleges and universities in the area, user-held competitions on, and competitions from game creators such as Blizzard Entertainment. He dreams of one day running a media studio, to produce work in every format and hopefully change the world.

He is also...

an avid video game player and enthusiast of the the idea that video games can be art. He has a number of self-produced video games in the works, including a story-driven platformer and a body-crafting game. A webcomic series is also in the works, based on a war between angels and demons. He is also a veteran soccer player of over a decade, and a fan of the Vancouver White Caps and Canucks.


  • Creative Writing Award, Highland Secondary School
  • Winner of the Saysa Random Writing Contest
  • Co-author of the poetry anthology "Through the Open Window"

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